Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Scott

The picture below represents something very near and dear.  Over the years, it has given me great happiness.  It has always been there for me.
I am talking about a great sandwich from Kenny & Ziggy's in Houston.  I have been there many times and have always walked away satiated.  We weighed the sandwich once and I believe it came in over one pound.  That is one pound of delicious freshness.  It is ridiculously tasty and filling.
Also in the picture is my brother-in-law Scott.  Much like the sandwich, Scott weighs in at over one pound.  Also like the sandwich, over the years, Scott has always been there for me.  For a few years, I could only see both in Houston, but Scott (and the family) have moved back.  I couldn't ask for more from a sandwich or a brother-in-law.
Why am I comparing Scott to a sandwich?  Honestly, if I just wrote nice things about Scott, he would either think I am crazy or turning soft (as soft as that tasty bread of a Kenny & Ziggy's sandwich).
In all seriousness, Scott is a great guy and has been like a brother.  He has helped me too many times to count.
Today is his birthday and I hope he has a great one (as great as a sandwich from Kenny & Ziggy's).
Happy birthday Scott (and don't think I have gone soft...I will still bet against anything you want).
Scott Parker at Kenny & Ziggy's in Houston, TX-Summer 2012.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday, honey!
I love you!