Friday, January 18, 2013

Not The Original Gorgeous George

When Randy Savage was wrestling in the WCW, he purchased the 'Gorgeous George' gimmick. It is rumored that the name was intended for his brother, Lanny Poffo. Poffo never quite made it to the WCW, but Savage got good use out of the name anyway.
Savage gave the name to his then-girlfriend, Stephanie Bellars. Bellars, as George, became Savage's valet. She departed the WCW after her split with Savage.
She made a few sporadic wrestling appearances since then, under different names, since Savage still owned the Gorgeous George gimmick. After her marriage to Misfits rocker Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Bellars became known as Georgie Frankenstein.
Bellars started doing personal appearances almost immediately after she left the WCW. After dropping out of the circuit for several years, she started appearing again.
Bellars didn't do a whole lot in wrestling, but she was aligned with Savage and Ric Flair at different times. That alone gives her enough of a resume to merit interest on the autograph circuit.
Very much like 'the Soup Nazi', Gorgeous George made the most of her notable role.
I am hoping she starts doing appearances again.  Stephanie was very sweet and really good to the fans when I met her in Chicago years ago.  We would love to see her back at conventions!
Let this serve as an open plea.  Come back, Stephanie!
Stephanie Bellars and me in Chicago, IL-early 00's.

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