Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Global Traveler

In February of 2004, the first issue of Global Traveler magazine rolled off the presses.  I was not there to witness it, although I have been on board with GT pretty much from the beginning.
GT is the baby of Fran Gallagher.  I have seen it grow from a kernel of an idea to a booming, successful magazine with a monthly press run over over 100,000.
I have met great people and made great friends at GT.  I believe everyone involved would say the same.  It really is also like my extended family.  We have shared triumphs and sorrows.
GT came along for me right when my career at Lerner Newspapers was ending.  Talk about perfect timing. I was fortunate, leaving a dying company for an exciting, new venture.  Surprisingly, despite the downturn in the periodical industry, I never had a doubt that Fran would make GT work.
I am proud to say that I have contributed in my way to GT.  Louie and I (aka Arch News Agency) have handled the distribution from GT's debut.  I have also written a couple pieces for GT and its' occasional companion pieces.  I am a regular blogger on GT's site.  I have pitched in on the audit, driven wine to the annual wine survey and a few other things.  I am happy to do anything for GT.
I am proud of my work for GT.  I feel good about it, because everyone at GT makes you feel good about it. It is a positive environment.
If all of this sounds like a recipe for success, it is.  A we enter our tenth year, I cannot help but wonder what lies ahead.  I am sure whatever it is, it will be a whole lot of fun!
Happy anniversary GT.  Congratulations to Fran and everyone else there.
Global Traveler's first issue-February 2004.

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