Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy National Pro Wrestling Day

Today is National Pro Wrestling Day.  I kid you not.  It really is.
While there are a few people whom I would like to wrestle in honor of National Wrestling Day, I am not sure what the protocol is for celebrating this day.  Therefore, I am on my own.  In light of this, I will just present some of the sights of my last year of covering the Chicago area independent wrestling scene.
My wrestling coverage really started with Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Brothers Jacques and Gabe Baron and the entire R Pro crew have been totally awesome to me.  We have gotten unprecedented access and complete cooperation at all R Pro events.  I love the Baron families and the whole extended R Pro family.

My partner in crime on most of the wrestling coverage has been Scott Beatty.  Whether he is the heel of a host on an internet show or interview segment or whether he is just my bud Scott, he is always good for a laugh (or an argument).  It is always interesting around Scott.  At Premier Pro Wrestling, we got to have some fun in the ring after the show.
Pro Wrestling Blitz's owner Tony Scarpone is a great guy.  He loves the coverage we give Blitz.  Really he does.  He has often shown me how much he appreciates what we do.
POWW's Psychotic Jimmy Blaze has always been cooperative to us and has allowed us to roam the floor during events.  Some of his wrestlers have given me good-natured (I think) ribbing (yeah, KC, Trevor and Stonewall, that means you).  Even the fans at POWW recognize the crew.
As I wrote, KC often gives me good-natured ribbing.  Hmm...maybe I need to rethink this.
Even up at Supreme Wrestling Entertainment in Wisconsin, Sexy K.C. ribbed me.  K.C. and Silk E. Fine did leave me $20 for gas money to get home.  I really need to rethink this K.C. situation.
AAW's Tony Rican invited us to cover AAW.  Tony is one of the nicest guys out there.  We only hit one AAW show in 2012, but I know we plan on increasing that number in 2013.
Matt and I even ventured north of the border to attend GLCW's Blizzard Brawl.  It was a great time hanging with Matt and meeting Rikishi, Brian Christopher and Scotty Too Hotty with him was just "Too Cool" to describe.
Last and not least, we made some great friends.  R Pro's Eric St. Vaughn is not a good guy in the ring, but he is always willing to give us an interview or pose with his ESV supporters.  


Jean Parker said...

Looks like great times and great memories. GREAT pics too!

unclemoe said...

Happy National Pro Wrestling Day! I'm a little embarrassed to say I forgot to get you something.