Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Louie

Today, I celebrate the birthday of Louie Atsaves.  Louie is not only one of my longest-time friends, he is a great friend.
I have written about Louie many times.  Co-workers since September of 1987, friends pretty much from the start, business partners since 1991 or so, we have been through it all.  Lou is like a brother to me.
Louie has always been there to support me.  Oh I know I have driven him crazy with my ramblings over the years, but he has never complained.  Actually, he has always been a calming influence, which was especially appreciated during some chaotic times at Lerner Newspapers.
Louie comes from a great family and has made his own great family.  Wife Effie, sons Peter, Christopher and Michael are all fantastic and all treat me like part of the family.
Who else would do group pictures in Johngy's Beat shirts?  I love it!
Happy birthday to a great friend!  I hope it is a fantastic day!
Peter, Louie and Christopher in Lincolnwood, IL-December 2012.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday,Louie! Hope you have an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Louie. Hope you had a great day.