Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the Beat with Steve Boz of Chicago Style Wrestling

Last Saturday, I covered a unique fundraising event at Niles West High School.  The Niles West Athletic Booster Club brought in Chicago Style Wrestling for a night of fun entertainment.  Despite a nasty cold, which stripped me of my voice, I couldn't miss this.
At the check-in table, I encountered Frank Moy, an old friend and softball teammate (we really need to get the team back together).  Frank strong-armed me into buying some raffle tickets, but it was for a good cause, of course.
Friendly faces continued, as we ran into Andres the Announcer.  This guy is everywhere.  He does an excellent job of getting the crowd excited and is super fan-friendly outside of the ring.  He's really a great guy.
The night featured a 20 man Battle Royal, three title matches and a steel cage tag match.  I really applaud the wrestlers for performing so well in an unfamiliar setting.  These guys are really professionals and did nt miss a step.
After the matches, we talked to ring veteran and CSW superstar Steve Boz, who has wrestled just about everywhere, including for the WWF.  Despite being hurt and tired and having a line of fans waiting for him, Boz endured my scratchy voice during this short interview.
We talked about his favorite match, his dream opponent and Chicago Style Wrestling.  This was my first interview with Boz, but I would like to have a shot at another down the line.  He has had such an interesting, successful career.  I am sure he would have some interesting thoughts and stories.  Hopefully, I will get that chance in the future.
My story for the Skokie Patch can be found at Chicago Style Wrestling Raises Funds and Cheers at Niles West.  I really appreciate Boz for his time and consideration.  I appreciate Chicago Style Wrestling, the Skokie Patch and the Niles West Athletic Booster Club for combining to get me to this event.

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