Monday, March 18, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Matt Parker Meets Billy Gunn

This is a regular series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker is always looking to bring something new to the universe (hence his title).  At GLCW's Blizzard Brawl, Matt raised the bar even higher.
At POWW's Wrestle Rage, we both met former (and now current) WWE superstar Billy Gunn.  We would meet Gunn again about a month later at GLCW's Blizzard Brawl.
We joked with him a bit at GLCW, because we did not need to get another picture with him (since we had the other recent one).  Still, Matt would find a way to get another picture (with a little help from Rob Myers, Chief Photographer.
We sat by the wrestlers' entrance to the ring.  As Gunn made his way, Matt spied Myers ready to take the picture.  The quick thinking Matt immediately photo-bombed it with his thumb of approval.
That picture cracks me up every time I see it.  I appreciate his effort in cases like this.  I also appreciate Myers for publishing this photo.  He is a true professional who is always up for some fun!
Matt Parker and Billy Gunn in Kenosha, WI-December 2012.
(photo courtesy of Rob Myers)
Me, Billy Gunn and Matt Parker in Melrose Park, IL-November 2012.

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