Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On the Beat with Thomas Barnett at Dan Con 2013

I first met Thomas Barnett at a comic con and have seen him at several comic cons since.  At Dan Con Spring 2013, I saw a slightly different Thomas Barnett.
When I first met Thomas, he was producing a web comic called "The Lil' Miesters."  It is sort of like "Peanuts" with an edge.  It's no coincidence that Barnett was greatly influenced by Charles Schulz.  I see a lot of the same type of humor in the strips.  I actually do read "The Lil' Miesters" online daily.  I could always use a good laugh and Barnett delivers.
Each time I have seen Thomas, we have talked about his progress with "The Lil' Miesters."  It was cool to feel his excitement.
Even better was seeing the slightly different Barnett at the recent Dan Con.  Exactly how was he "slightly different," you ask?  He is now a published author of his first book, a compilation of "The Lil' Miesters" strips.  It is surely a proud moment for him and a fun moment for his fans.
One thing I really like about Barnett is he always stresses how he wanted his creation to be "ready" before he put it online.  I respect that type of care for his creation.  It is not just about making the quick buck.
I encourage everyone to give "The Lil' Miesters" a try.  They are funny without being corny.  They consistently make me laugh.
You can check out "The Lil' Miesters" on GoComics.com and also "The Lil" Miesters on Facebook, to learn all about these cool kids.  Also, you can follow Thomas Barnett on twitter.  Also, check out Dan Con Comic Con to get updates on their next show.

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