Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On the Beat with Doug Pasz at Dan Con 2013

Douglas Paszkiewicz (Doug Pasz) is another of those people I stumbled upon at a comic con and wondered how I had not previously discovered him.  Fortunately, I did find him at Dan Con.
Doug is an illustrator and writer (world class, according to his FB page and I would have to agree).  He has appeared in many publications, including Mad Magazine.  That alone makes him awesome to me, but it gets better.
His website, ArsenicLullabies.com, is just awesome.  It has comics, cartoons, a museum and more.  My favorite part now (I write "now" because I keep changing my mind) is the "Techniques" section.  In this section, you are let in on "the ridiculous antiquated process that is telling a story without motion or sound."  Like everything else on the site, this is informative and hilarious.  I have already spent way too many hours pouring over these sections!
The website shares its' name with Pasz's self-published comic Arsenic Lullaby.  In the interview below, Pasz   discusses the Arsenic Lullaby comic, as well as several other fun topics.
One final note from me is a mea culpa.  How could I have missed his shirt?  Too cool.  I must talk to Paz again!
After you watch our "introduction" interview, please head over to ArsenicLullabies.com to learn more about Doug Pasz.  Also, check out Dan Con Comic Con to get updates on their next show.

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