Friday, March 1, 2013

Sarah French and Her Shirt

I have written about Sarah French and Joe Knetter several times.  They are two of my very favorite celebrities.  They are funny, talented, friendly and more.
I have interviewed them a few times.  After the last interview at Days of the Dead, I gave them shirts.  I could say I gave them as a present, but really the present was to me.  Just recently, Sarah posted my present, a picture of her in the shirt.
To use my usual cool is that?!
Sarah is a multi-talented.  Along with acting, she has written for Shock Horror Magazine and has done modeling.  Most important, she is so very sweet and genuinely nice.  If you everget the chance to meet Sarah or Joe, you will agree with me.
Sarah is the first celebrity outside of the wrestling world to pose in the shirt.  It is very fitting, because if there was a JohngysBeat.comn Hall of Fame, Sarah would be a lock to be enshrined.  Do you think she would show up for the ceremony and would she wear the shirt?
Thank you very much, Sarah.  I hope to see both of you again later this year.
I encourage everyone to check out and to learn more about these two favorites of mine.
Sarah French in Rochester, MN-February 2013.


Evil Zebra said...

It's a given that Sarah looks alot better than EZ in his Johngy shirt,
but I didn't see a feature of me wearing mine on here....

Where's the Love, Leno???

I was the FIRST to sport my Shirt!!

Takin' it,

P.S. Sarah is pretty hot.... maybe we need to add her to the "Wall of Fame" @ the Castle!! Have her agent contact my agent!!!

Johngy said...

It was a tossup between you and Sarah for today. Okay, seriously, your day is coming. Patience my friend.

Believe it or not, Sarah is just as sweet as she is beautiful. We just love her at JohngysBeat. Umm and Joe, case he is reading.

Evil Zebra said...

OK, as long as it was a toss-up, I prolly would have gone with Sarah too! That being said, I see today's blog featured some tiny JABRONI dressed as Captain America??!?!?!

What is this world coming to, where is the respect for the Evil One?!?!

Back to the important business at hand.... Hey Sarah, wanna be on the "Wall of Fame? I know it would be a big boost for your career....

Shut up, Johngy.... I said Boost, NOT bust!!!! :P

Take it,