Thursday, March 14, 2013

We're All Professionals (Judd Sirott and Me)

My friend Chuck likes to say, "We're all professionals."  It can be used in many ways for many reasons.  One is a joking reference to us fitting in somewhere.
We use it a lot whenever we are on baseball fields interviewing players.  There is ESPN.  Fox is over there.  Comcast, too.  Then there is, with Chachi and Johngy.  Sure we fit in.  We're all professionals.
The funny thing is that while it is a joke, it is true, too. has gained a good degree of legitimacy.  In the beginning, I would use my other media outlets to get press credentials.  Then I would run a bunch of the stories on  I gained a lot of exposure this way.
Now, stands on its own.  Yes, I actually get press credentials based on    I have actually been paid to cover stuff on
See, I really am a professional.  True, I am a low-paid and irregularly working professional, but a professional nonetheless.
When we were in Houston last summer, Matt and I interviewed our usual bunch of players and coaches at Minute Maid.  Matt spotted Judd Sirott (Cubs broadcaster).  I asked him for an interview and he accepted, although he did seem a bit surprised.
I briefly explained that I was a fan of his from his work over the years, as well as that of his brother Bob.  I mentioned it is great to meet other members of the media like him.
After the interview, I got a picture with Judd.  Just two professionals doing our jobs!
By the way, be sure to follow Judd on twitter.  You can also follow on twitter, too.
Judd Sirott and me in Houston, TX-August 2012.

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