Monday, September 30, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Whiplash Meets Svengoolie

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.  If you have a picture and a story, send it to me!

I love the title of this.  Whiplash meets Svengoolie sounds like a movie that Svengoolie would air on his show.
Whiplash has been wrestling for about 18 years.  He has been a multi-time Midwest champ at PCW (Pro Championship Wrestling).
I first met Whiplash when he was one of the good guys at PCW.  Since then, he has turned to the dark side. Either way, he is an excellent worker and an entertaining wrestler.  He is always up for an interview and I have gotten him a couple times.
At PCW's Dream Night in 2011, Whiplash met Chicago legend Svengoolie (aka Rich Koz).  Therein lies the title of this piece.  I happened to have been at this event and also took a picture with Svengoolie.  Somehow I missed Whiplash that night.
Svengoolie is also highly entertaining, even if some of his jokes make mine sound funny.  I have watched his show for years.  I love a cold Saturday evening with a pizza and a big Coke and Svengoolie on the tube.
I have also been a fan of PCW for years.  I saw my first independent wrestling show at PCW many years ago and have seen many since.
Whiplash and that is a winning combination.  I'd like to see that tag team some day, but for now you can see all of the great PCW talent at
Svengoolie and Whiplash in Oak Lawn, IL-June 2011.

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