Friday, September 20, 2013

Heather Langenkamp is Nancy

I really like Heather Langenkamp.  She appears to have progressed from young star to adulthood without any major incidents.
Success came quickly, with A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Outsiders and Just the Ten of Us all coming within the first few years of her career (which started in her late teens).  Langenkamp has worked steadily since then.  She still acts, although her and her husband own and operate AFX Studio, a Special F/X Make-Up firm that has done special make-up for many films.
One of Langenkamp's coolest projects was I Am Nancy, a documentary about her experience playing Nancy in the horror movies.  It is poignant, fun, interesting and much more.  It evoked many feelings as I watched it.  I would guess it stirred up a lot of emotions in Langenkamp as she did it and even now just watching it.
I really want to talk to Langenkamp about I Am Nancy.  It is so fascinating to me.  I have seen other documentaries, but nothing like this one.
Langenkamp is very fan-friendly, at conventions.  I just have never had the opportunity to officially interview her, although I really would love that chance.
I am not sure if she will be at Days of the Dead in Chicago later this year, but I hope so.  If she is, I will make a big effort to get her to talk about I Am Nancy on video.
Heather Langenkamp and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2013.

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