Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coming Soon: Days of the Dead in Chicago

I have written about Days of the Dead many times and I hope to write about it many more times.  Days of the Dead is a great horror convention.  Great events run by great people deserve to be mentioned and supported.
At the last Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, I witnessed rocker Lita Ford do an impromptu duet with a fan who brought a guitar.  I have never seen anything close to that at any other convention.  Applause goes to Lita for doing this, but I must also recognize Adolfo Dorta, the Days organizer and promoter.
It is not just a coincidence that Lita was a great guest.  It was not a coincidence that Roddy Piper, Heather Langenkamp, Traci Lords, Linda Blair and countless others have been awesome guests at Days.  Adolfo wouldn't have it any other way.
Days is his con.  It's his baby.  He nurtures it and care for it.  His passion is palpable.  He has unwittingly ruffled feathers on the convention scene, but only because Days is so successful without being a corporate, over-the-top event.
Adolfo has treated me great since the debut of Days.  He asks for fair coverage and I am fair.  I just happen to love Days and have never had a bad experience there.  My coverage has been nothing but positive, because my experience has been nothing but positive.  It's just that simple.
Days will be coming to my backyard in about two weeks.  From Friday November 15 through Sunday November 17, Days will be in Schaumburg and it promises to be a blast.  For more info, check out  For more fun, just go to Days and see for yourself!
Me with Adolfo Dorta in Indianapolis, IN-July 2013.

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