Monday, October 21, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Frank Wroblewski Meets Grin

This is a weekly series about my friends who have met celebrities.

My dad has started to get into meeting celebrities.  Oh he claims he is doing it to help me, but I am pretty sure he is enjoying it like I do.  (I also have a small suspicion that he is planning on starting his own celebrity website to compete with Johngy's Beat).  He has met players from the four major sports, but in June, he really entered my territory by meeting pro wrestler Grin.
Okay, I admit that I asked him to go meet Grin.  I could not make the event and I figured my dad would like to help out  Besides, I kept picturing my dad with this face-painted grappler.
Grin is a highly entertaining wrestler and he wears face paint.  I first met him about a year ago.  He is as cool outside of the ring as he is talented inside the squared circle.  I thought he might get a kick out of meeting my dad.
My dad took it seriously (always the professional).  He even broke out his shirt.  I swear I did not make him wear it.
Both Grin and my dad reported back to me that they enjoyed the encounter.  I know I certainly enjoy seeing the picture of these two together.
Grin and Frank Wroblewski in Schererville, IN-June 2013.

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Jean Parker said...

Great picture! Got to hang that one on the wall!