Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On the Beat with R Pro's Positive Outreach Program

Between games at the Kicks for a Cure event last summer, Resistance Pro's C Red talked about starting a Positive Outreach Program.  He had a vision of R Pro reaching out to youngsters.  A few weeks ago, that vision became a reality when we appeared at the Southside Occupational Academy.  Since then, we have held events at Fenger High School and at Neil Armstrong Elementary School.
I have been privileged and proud to have been at each event.  I have seen the grateful students and teachers. I have also seen the proud, humble and emotional members of the R Pro family.
Each event was a wonderful experience.  Believe me, I got far much more than I gave at each event.  I am sure my friends at R Pro all feel similarly.  Rather than me speak for them, I am including interviews from them right after the events.  I love the passion and emotion.
R Pro is doing something special here.  They are making a difference.  They are proving they are not just a another wrestling company.
After you watch the interviews, head over to the R Pro POP (Positive Outreach Program) Facebook page.  Give it a "LIKE" and show R Pro your support for this great cause.

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