Friday, January 24, 2014

April Hunter Pulls Out the Big Guns

Somehow this week, every feature had some sort of wrestling connection.  I will continue that trend today with April Hunter, although Ms,. Hunter has been out of wrestling for a while.
Actually, today I am not even going to discuss how fun meeting Hunter was.  (It was a lot of fun.)  Nor will I menttion her lengthy and successful resume.  (It is chock full.)  Heck, I won't even ramble on about how beautiful she was.  (Wow, just wow!)  I wrote about all of that at On the Beat with April Hunter.
Instead, I want to write about how Hunter set up her booth.  She might have been the perfect celebrity guest.  He big banner caught everyone's attention and left no question as to who she was.
Her table full of 8x10's satisfied even the most obscure of collectors.  She had a variety of shots which were sexy, playful, conservative, wrestling, acting, modeling, posing, headshots, full body and on and on.  It was an almost-dizzying amount, but it was the right amount.  Why not bring a huge variety?  Chances are many people will end up buying multiple shots.
She also had a few props, such as the guns we have in the photo below.  I forget what other stuff she had, but there was more.  Why would anyone care?  If you asked this, you have never been to one of these conventions.  It just gives the collector one more novelty item to buy.
Brilliance, Ms. Hunter!  Very successful, too.  I applaud you.
Hunter was also very outgoing.  Yes, this should be a natural, but it isn't.  Many celebrities aren't nearly as talkative or outgoing.  A handful are grumps (yes, Adam West, I am calling you out again).  Some are just quiet for whatever reason.  Either way, it doesn't help sales.
Hunter's personality certainly drew fans to her and kept them there.  Usually, the longer one is at  a table, the more they will buy.
Lastly, Hunter dressed sexy (without being sleezy).  Nothing wrong there.  She is an attractive woman.  Men like attractive women.  Men spend money on attractive women.  Some even write blogs...umm never mind.  Anyway, Hunter looked great.
This all combined for a great booth.  Nobody walked away from Hunter's booth dissatisfied.  I think her booth was one of the best I have ever seen.  Well done, Ms. Hunter, well done.  Now, if only she would wear my Johngy shirt!
April Hunter and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2013.

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