Sunday, March 23, 2014

ESV and Amanda Made My Day

My passion for Resistance Pro Wrestling and all involved with it is pretty well known.  The whole experience with R Pro has been awesome.  I have seen great wrestling action, gotten interesting interviews, met wrestling legends and most of all, I have made some wonderful friends.
Two of those wonderful friends are Eric St. Vaughn and Amanda Lundvall.  ESV was one of my first R Pro interviews and his 40,000 views ensures that we will always go back to him for more.  Amaanda is a fan of ESV's, Body Magic (ESV's tag team) and R Pro.  Amanda will also be running the Chicago Marathon with my niece, nephew and me (and about 45,000 others).
Recently, I woke up to a classic photo on my Facebook timeline.  ESV and Amanda had taken a double Johngy shirt picture.  I love the shot, but I appreciate the gesture even more.
These are two of the great friends I have made because of R Pro.  Yes, R Pro has exciting wrestling, but more importantly, it has quality people, like ESV and Amanda.  I am proud and happy to be associated with the company and the people.
Thank you Eric and Amanda for making my day.  Thanks, too, for your friendship and continued support.  You are the best.
Amanda Lundvall and Eric St. Vaughn near Chicago, IL-March 2014.

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