Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Piece of the Game

My occasional accomplice for my interviewing capers, Scott Beatty,is involved in a cool tv show called A Piece of the Game. Don DuPree is the creative force behind APOTG.
The show basically has people presenting their collectibles for appraisal.  Scott is one of the professionals who appraise the items. Then there is a buyer who decides whether or not to make an offer.  There is also some trivia tossed in the mix.
It's a fun concept.  There have been about 4 episodes which have aired, but I know from a first-hand source that more episodes are being filmed (probably as you read this).
I think DuPree has a winner here.  Look for A Piece of the Game on cable in the near future.
Don DuPree and me in Morton Grove, IL-Summer 2013.

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