Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bliss Week: Dominique "DC" Collins Does It All

Prior to a Bliss playoff game last season, Jack and I were watching a different playoff game from the end zone.  Eventually most of the Bliss players an coaches came out as well.
I happened to be standing next to Dominique Collins.  We struck up a bit of a conversation (in other words, I bugged her until she answered my silly questions).  She was very cool about it, especially considering she had a playoff game coming up.
Of course she was cool.  DC is used to the pressure.  She is one of the most versatile players in the league (in any league, really).  Wide receiver, check.  Running back, check.  Tight end, check.  Cornerback, check.  Anything else, check.
CDC is a jack of all trades.  She isn't merely play a lot of positions though.  She plays them well.  She is all over the field and always near the ball.
Players like DC don't always get the headlines, but she is a vital part of the Bliss.  She is also a fun player to watch since she is usually near the action.
Dominique stands apart because of her unique hair style, too.  It is quite striking.  In a league filled with several hundred women, DC stands out on every level.
I am predicting a big season for her, too.  From teh looks of her practices, she is ready for action.  She doesn't just catch passes.  She grabs them out of the air.  She looks focused and primed for that great year.
Lucky for me, I will witness it all firsthand.  I encourage everyone to join me in watching DC and the Bliss this season.
Nancy Blais, Dominique Collins and me in Woodridge, IL-March 2014.

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