Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bliss Week: The Rookie Bridget McDonnell

Bridget McDonnell went from being a rookie prospect to being a rookie member of the Chicago Bliss.  I am predicting a bright football future for this rook.
From the first time I met Bridget, I was impressed.  She carries herself like a veteran already (on the field and off).
I have seen Bridget in practice, at team functions and just hanging out a bit.  She is personable, interesting and intelligent.  She gives the vibe of a true leader.
At the February Resistance Pro event, Bridget was one of the many Bliss players signing autographs, posiing and even getting involved in some of the in-ring action.  Bridget   If Bridget was a real wrestler, I see her as more of a cerebral assassin, rather than a brawler, but I am sure she is tough enough to go it either way!
It is going to be a lot of fun following Bridget's progress this season.  She is one of several rookies who made the Bliss roster.  With newcomers like this, that title repeat looks pretty safe.
I encourage everyone to join the fun.  The season opener is Saturday, April 5 as the Bliss travel to Milwaukee to take on the Chill.  Bridget will be there and so will I.
Bridget McDonnell, Eric St. Vaughn and me in Willowbrook, IL-February 2013.

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