Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bliss Week: Game Day

The Legends Football League season opener was supposed to be today.  The game between the Chicago Bliss and the Green Bay Chill has been rescheduled due to the University of Wisconsin reaching the Final Four.  LFL officials stated that they did not want to make the Wisconsin fans decide between the two sports options.
I have to say that I am extremely disappointed.  I was really looking forward to the game today.  It has been a long offseason and winter in Chicago and a short road trip to Milwaukee to see the Bliss destroy the Chill would have been a great elixir.
I deserve better than this.  The LFL fans deserve better than this.  The LFL players and coaches deserve better than this.  This sucks.
One of the best times of covering the Bliss was last season at their playoff game in the Sears Centre.  I spent the first part of the night in the end zone with Coach Hac and the other coaches and players watchinbg another playoff game.
Watching a game from the end zone is always interesting, but watching it with teh coach and team adds a whole new level to it.  I got to hear the coaches talk about the play of the other teams.  I saw them scouting the other teams.
I learned a lot and I saw that the Bliss would indeed be ready.  Coach Hac was dead on with his observations.  He called several plays and he predicted the outcomes.  He told me how the Bliss would win their game and the title game and he was right about that, too.
Their next scheduled game is Friday, May 9.  As far as I know, that game will be played as scheduled.  I will be there and report back here.  Until then, I will be covering the Bliss at practice.
I still love the Bliss.  I am just disappointed about this situation.
Coach Keith Hac and me in Hoffman Estates, IL-August 2013.

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