Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Assistant Coach Ryan Andrews

At the Chicago Bliss practice last week, we got our first interview with Chicago Bliss Assistant Coach Ryan Andrews.  Coach Andrews is part of the excellent coaching staff assembled by Head Coach Keith Hac.
Actually, Andrews was one of the first peole I met at the first Bliss practice.  He has been extremely helpful to JohngysBeat.com in identifying players, getting players for interviews and plenty of other things.  I owe Coach Andrews thanks for all of his help.
As much as he has helped us, he helps the Bliss more.  He is a valuable asset to Coach Hac's staff.  I see the work he does on and off the field.  Like the other coaches, he works tirelessly in a job that is too often thankless.  Still, I know the Bliss players appreciate his efforts, even when he is chiding them for poor execution or other such offenses.
In our interview, we talked about how he got started with the Bliss, his thoughts on the new season and more.  There is even a quick imitation of the "superfan," as Coach Andrews attempts to predict the score for this Saturday's season opener in Milwaukee against the Chill

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