Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cards That Never Were: 1976 Topps David Clyde

Today is David Clyde's birthday.  He turns 59.  I'd like to wish this gentleman a happy birthdaya nd present a 1976 Topps baseball card that was never made.
Clyde was a Texas high school star pitcher.  He made his debut for the Texas Rangers in 1973 at the age of eighteen.  His last professional season was 1981, when he was only 26.  His career is full of great stories, highs and lows, despite being so short.
I will never forget being in Barnes and Noble when my phone rang.  It was David Clyde, responding to my interview request.  A few months later, I was in Houston sitting and talking with him at the Miracles Baseball Academy.
This was a blast.  Clyde was one of my childhood favorites.  He was one of the first players I followed right from the beginning.
I am happy to report that despite the troubles he endured, Clyde is a positive and happy guy.  He was as nice as could be.  We even revisited him a few years later for another interview.
Clyde had arm issues during his career.  In 1975, he pitched mostly in the minors for Texas, going 12-8 in 22 games.  He pitched in one game for the Rangers in September.  At 20, it would seem he would have still been considered a hot prospect.
Unfortunately, he never again pitched in the majors for the Rangers.  He resurfaced in 1978 with the Cleveland Indians and had a couple decent seasons.  He went back to Texas, but only pitched in the minors and eventually retired after the 1981 season.
I realize Clyde only pitched in one game in 1975, but I still think he might have gotten a card.  Heck, on those "Rookie Prospect" cards, a lot of the players didn't even make the majors.  I would think a 20 year old pitcher, only 2 years removed from hot stud prospect status would be a good candidate for a card.
Following in the footsteps of my blogging buddies, I have created a "Card That Never Was" for Clyde.  Here is a 1976 Topps card that should have been.
Happy birthday David Clyde!  I hope you like your present.

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