Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hanging with the Chicago Bliss

I have written about the Chicago Bliss many times and I will continue to do so, because they deserve our attention.  As my friend Jack says, "They have beauty, brains and brutality, plus really good football."
At the February Resistance Pro event, several of the Bliss rookies were on hand, as well as a few veterans, including Alli Alberts and Deena Fagiano.  I know both ladies through my coverage of the Bliss, but for many R Pro fans, this was their first exposure.
Alli was an outstanding rookie last season.  Coach Keith Hac said that she was one of the top two way players (wide receiver and defensive back) in the LFL.  I think she should have been named Rookie of the Year.
Deena is a Bliss veteran, playing excellently at linebacker and offensive line.  Deena sort of flies under the radar on a star-filled team.
I have a special spot for these two ladies, as they were two of my first interviews with the Bliss.  They are also two extremely nice people, not to mention just beautiful.
Thie Bliss has made a lot of personal appearances, including the one at R Pro and they plan on continuing to do so.  Their events are all fun times.  The players are always fan-interactive.  They never appear to not want to be at the events.
You don't have to take my word for it.  Go out to a game or a promotional event and you will meet some of the team and my points will be proven.  Their first home game is Friday, May 9.
Alli Alberts, me and Deena Fagiano in Willowbrook, IL-February 2014.

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