Thursday, April 24, 2014

On the Beat with Resistance Pro Wrestling at "The Battle Rages On"

Last month's Resistance Pro event was "The Battle Rages On' at St. Francis de Sales high school.  It was a new venue for R Po, but not for me.  I grew up in the shadows of SFDS and my sisters went there.  For some reason, I chose Mt, Carmel, but I digress.
R Pro blew the roof off of SFDS with another great night of action.  I had my chair stolen twice (opnce by Mickie Knuckles and once by Jocephus Brody).  My young cousins loved the action and interaction all night long.
Young Noah even got into the action a bit, by conducting a few locker room interviews.  Noah did some interviews for JohngysBeat back at Wizard World in August of 2013, but these were his first at R Pro.
Noah interviewed the ever-interesting team of Team I.O.U., Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful).  That interview was interrupted by "The Ego" Robert Anthony (whom Noah had interviewed at WW).  Chris Castro also entered the scene, but did not actually get interviewed.  Instead, he sort of popped in and out of the conversation.  If this all sounds confusing, it's just part of the standard fun at R Pro.
Prior to these locker room interviews, I had the pleasure of getting the returning John Skyler for our first interview.  I also got Sugar Dunkerton for teh first time without his Warden Myers on hand.
Lastly, once again, Jesse Corgan avoided me.  This time he even was rude to my cousin.  Does Jesse have a heart?
The next R Pro show is "Don't Tread" on Friday.  R Pro is going back to th barn in Willowbrook.  I look forward to another great night of wrestling action and fun.

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