Friday, April 25, 2014

On the Beat with Sherry Helberg Garrity of the Chicago Bliss

There is another important new addition to the Chicago Bliss.  Although Sherry Helberg Garrity certainly looks like she could be a player, her contributions to the team will not include donning the pads.  Sherry was hired as team liaison and media relations.
An all-male staff coaching an all-female team certainly can use a liaison.  Obviously there are problems and situations which Sherry could handle easier and better than any male coach.
Equally as important, Sherry will be handling a lot of media and marketing responsibilities.  The Bliss is very deserving of attention from the public and the media.  The LFL in general is very under-covered and under-appreciated.  Even after winning the 2013 LFL championship, the Bliss is still too far under the radar.
Things are changing for the Bliss, though.  They are making many appearances to promote themselves.  For instance, this Friday, they will be appearing at Resistance Pro's "Don't Tread."
I know Sherry is very dedicated to this cause.  She believes in the Bliss and will be instrumental in raising the awareness. is all about the marketing.  I cannot wait to see what Sherry has in store.  I am quite sure it's going to be fun and will certainly add to the magical Bliss ride to their next championship!

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