Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cards That Never Were: 1975 Chicago White Sox Catchers

Recently I made 1975 Topps cards for two Chicago Cubs catchers from 1974 who needed 1975 Topps cards.  Today, I prove that I am fair by creating 1975 Topps cards for two Chicago White Sox catchers who did not have cards in the 1975 Topps set.
The late Ed Herrmann was the starting catcher, logging 107 games fr the '74 White Sox.  Brian Downing was behind the plate for 63 games (starting 46).  Herrmann and Downing both received Topps cards.  They are two of my favorite cards from that set, too.
The 1974 Sox had two other players appear as catchers.  Neither of these players received cards.  I will now correct that oversight.
Pete Varney appeared in 9 games, starting 7 at catcher.  Varney stayed with the Sox through June of 1976 when he was traded to the Braves.  He finished out the season and and spent one more in Atlanta's AAA team before retiring.  I cheated a bit by using Varney's SSPC card for this recreation.
Chuck Brinkman appeared in 8 games, starting 3 at catcher.  The brother of longtime shortstop Eddie, Chuck was sold to the Pirates in July of 1974.  He finished the season and retired.  I guess since he left the Sox in July, he really did not deserve a Sox card, but I could not find any pictures of Brinkman with the Pirates.
In recapping, I used a different card photo for Varney and I made an unnecessary card for Brinkman.  You might question the purpose of this piece, but if you know my love for backup catchers, you will completely understand this.

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