Friday, May 30, 2014

On the Beat with DiA'ndra Frye of the Chicago Bliss

DiA'ndra Frye is the newest (and probably fastest) member of the Chicago Bliss.  Frye is listed as a defensive back-wide receiver, but so far she has only seen real action on defense.
They say you can't coach speed.  The speedy Frye does not need to be coached on speed.  She has plenty of it and is definitely ready to show it on both sides of the ball.  As much fun as it is to watch her on defense, I am really looking forward to her on offense.  On one hand she can drive opposing quarterbacks crazy with her blazing speed.  On the other, I am envisioning her shooting down the sidelines going after Heather Furr bombs!  Frye is just another weapon in the Bliss arsenal for other coaches to fear!
We caught up with Frye at a recent practice.  She talked to us about her athletic background, her positions and more.  After you watch the interview, check out the Chicago Bliss on Facebook and get tickets to their next game on June 13!

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