Friday, May 2, 2014

On the Beat with Delta Slamma of the Windy City Rollers-2014

Our coverage of the fun action at Windy City Rollers continues with some fresh meat.  It's not necessarily our term.  That's what pre-rookies are called by the Windy City Rollers.
As hesitant as I was to unleash Correspondent Scott Beatty on this pre-rook, I also figured that since she is taking all of the hits and knocks of WCR roller derby and trying to prove her skill and toughness, what better way than to take on Scott.
Delta Slamma is the "fresh meat."  She is a well-spoken and talented player.  The goal of any fresh meat is to be drafted onto one of the four home teams of the WCR.  While still fresh meat, the prospective player learns the ropes and improves her game until she is draft-ready.
Delta spoke to Scott about her fresh meat status, her start with WCR and more.  Having not heard of the fresh meat status, again we learned something new and interesting about WCR.  Delta Slamma gave us insight into the mind of fresh meat.
Did Scott take it easy on her or did she handle him well?  Probably a little of both.  Scott brought up interesting topics and Delta Slamma gave him interesting answers.  The result is a fun interview.
The next night of exciting WCR action is Saturday, May 17 as the home teams battle it out for the Ivy Cup.  You can get all of the info at

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