Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Rick Stelmaszek Files:Part 20

It's been a while since I delved into the Rick Stelmaszek Files.  Bob W's Custom Baseball Cards has given me material for this installment.
Bob W. is the masterful force behind a site loaded with great custom card creations.  While roaming around (okay, I admit, I spent hours on Bob's site), I found four custom cards he made of Rick Stelmaszek, one of's all-time favorites.
I don't know where he found the pictures, but the cards are awesome.  I think the Yankees card is a PhotoShop, but it works, especially for a card of that era.  Stelmaszek never played for the Yankees major league team, only their minor league affiliate.
I love these cards for several reasons.  First, I just love custom cards, especially when there was no other card.  Even when there was another card, I like seeing alternate versions.  In this case, Stelmaszek did not have a 1969 card nor a 1976 one.  He had one from 1974, a card picturing him airbrushed decently into an Angels cap.
I wonder why Bob chose these particular years to use?  Maybe Bob will see this and answer my question.  I would have liked to have seen one of those psychedelic 1972's featuring Stelmaszek or even a full card version of his 1973 Rookie Prospects card.
Besides the Stelmaszek cards, there are a ton of other custom goodies on Bob's site.  Lately I have literally been spending hours marveling at all of the creations.  If you are into cards or custom cards, check out Bob's site.

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