Friday, July 18, 2014

On the Beat with Hardcore Heather Owens at Days of the Dead Indy 2014

As I meandered my way through Days of the Dead, I ran into Hardcore Heather Owens.  Technically, it wasn't merely an accident, since I knew she would be there, but we did actually cross paths without planning it.
The last time I saw Hardcore Heather, she was in a three-way wrestling match with Thunderkitty and Crazy Mary Dobson at Resistance Pro.  The match was for the #1 contender to the R Pro Women's title currently held by Mickie Knuckles.  Unfortunately for Heather, she came out on the losing end.  She discusses that match and her future in R Pro in the interview below.
Heather talked about who she wanted to meet at Days and I rubbed it in a bit, because I already met that person.  That is just part of the fun at Days.
I also learned a bit about Ribbin' on the Square, the podcast she does with Eddie Gonzalez.  They talk wrestling and horror and other fun stuff, too.  With Heather as the co-pilot, you never know where it will go, but it will always be fun.
You can check out Ribbin' on the Square at every Tuesday at 10 pm EST.  You can also get updates from the Heather Owens page on Facebook and by following Heather Owens on twitter.  Of course, you can also come to Resistance Pro and watch her work her magic inside the ring!

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