Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Al Snow Loves Johngy's Beat

Al Snow punches me every chance he gets.  This has been happening for several years.  I am not even sure how it started, but I actually look forward to new variations whenever I see him now.
Deep down though, I know Al likes me (or at least he likes JohngysBeat.com).  In fact, he begged me to do this little promo for the site.  (Hey, it's my site, my memory and my interpretation.)  I say he begged me.  If he chooses to dispute my claim, I will be happy to run his side of the story here in the future.
What's the worst thing he can do...punch me again?
Anyway, Al's testimonial is below and also has taken its rightful place in the right column sidebar of testimonials.  Thanks Al, I appreciate the support!

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