Friday, June 19, 2015

A Split Second with Crazy Mary Dobson

Crazy Mary Dobson is a load of dynamite in a small package.  Since her arrival in Resistance Pro, she has fought in all sorts of matches, but the most important one was in March 2015, when she fought and beat  Mickie Knuckles for the RPro Women's title.
CMD is young and on the rise.  She is destined for big things in the wrestling world.  She has already appeared with the WWE and I am certain she will be with the WWE full time at some point in the future.
Looking at her, you can tell she is in fantastic shape (and you might be able to sense that she is crazy), but you need to see her in action to see her abilities.  She can really wrestle.  As a heel or face, alone or in tags (even mixed tags), CMD is a pleasure to watch perform.
When the WWE comes calling for her full time, she will not be around the independent wrestling scene.  Now is a great time to see her and meet her on a small scale level.  Once she gets into the WWE and starts to shine, expect to see her at Wizard World conventions with long lines like the other WWE wrestlers.
Tomorrow, she will be in action at RPro's "Split Second" in Summit, IL.  I'll be there and you should not miss the chance to see Crazy Mary up close.  Check out for more info.
Crazy Mary Dobson and me in Summit, IL-March 2015.

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