Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cards That Never Were: Adrian Garrett 1975 Topps

"Cards That Never Were" is a recurring series in which I attempt to correct omissions from trading card sets of my youth.  I borrowed this concept from too many people to list, but I thank them all.

Adrian Garrett came up with the Atlanta Braves in 1966.  Topps gave him a multi=player rookie card in the 1966 set, but omitted him from 1967 based on his four games played.
Garrett resurfaced with the Chicago Cubs in 1970 and Topps rewarded him with another multi-player rookie card in 1971.  He went to the Oakland A's for the 1971 and 1972 seasons, playing fourteen games in each year.  He did not receive a Topps card for those years.
He rejoined the Cubs for the 1973 season and received a Topps card in the 1974 set.  Still with the Cubs in 1974, Garrett only played in 10 games and was omitted from the 1975 Topps set.
Garrett was traded to the California Angels midway through the 1975 season.  Between the Cubs and Angels, he played in 53 games and had hi best season.  Topps gave him a card in the 1976 set.  In 1976, he played in 29 games and was not given a card in the 1977 set.
Garrett played three seasons in Japan, where he put up some very nice numbers.  He then became a manager and coach in several team systems.
I could not find any pictures of Garrett with the A's, nor any others with the Angels.  That leaves me with the glaring omission of 1975.  I found some pictures of him with the Cubs and used one for my 1976 creation.  It is always especially sweet to fill in the missing pieces for the Cubs over the years.

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