Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Asked Zigzag!

It was serendipity at its finest, when I stumbled across Dawn "Zigzag" Montefusco several years ago.  When searching for celebrity pictures, I found one of Zigzag with Joe Rogan.  With her permission and her input, I wrote about that picture at Friendly Encounters: Joe Rogan and Dawn Montefusco.
I went to and did some research on her.  I learned that Zigzag is a life coach, writer, speaker, poet and all sorts of other things.  She describes herself as "A woman of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by her mystery."
Zigzag is such a unique person.  Her "Love Experiment" YouTube video is a small slice of Zigzag.  It's quirky, gutsy, beautiful and heartwarming, but there is much more to her than just the joyful, interesting woman you see in the video.  I have followed her online and communicated with her randomly.  I find her fascinating and wonderful.
She is a caring individual (accent on "individual").  She started a weekly thread on her Facebook page called "Ask Me Anything Fridays, " which became so popular she started  I have participated on "Ask Me Anything Fridays" and have gotten great advice, along with benefiting from the advice she gives to others.  Her answers are straightforward and well thought out, all the while being delightfully total Zigzag.  I truly believe she is changing attitudes, patterns, days and even lives.  I can honestly say she has helped me, sometimes without even knowing it.
On one recent Friday, I sent her a private "Ask Me Anything" question asking if she would accept one of my shirts.  Until that moment, I have only bugged people I have met.  There is nobody more fitting to break that streak than Zigzag.
Asking a beautiful woman you have never met to wear and pose in your shirt can come off a bit creepy, but Zigzag took it in the spirit I intended.  The results are seen below.  Why three pictures?  How could I possibly choose between these three?  Besides, it's thrice as nice!
By now you realize that I am a big fan and supporter of Zigzag.  You might even accuse me of having a teeny (innocent) crush on her.  Okay, I admit it, but who wouldn't?  She's adorable and simply a beautiful person.  After you check out the pictures below, head over to and learn all about the mysterious and powerful woman!
Thank you Zigzag for everything.  Thanks for your long-distance friendship, your advice, your heart and your soul.
I edited this piece on the morning it ran, because I just realized for the first time ever, a piece randomly landed on the birthday of the featured person.  Of course, it would be Zigzag!
Dawn "Zigzag" Montefusco in the PacNW-February 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

Sounds like a great person!
Happy Birthday!