Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ant Lucia at C2E2 2016

Professional illustrator Ant Lucia states that he has been a major DC fan all his life.  He also says that he gets his inspiration from the vintage pinup posters.  He creates all of his illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.
Those are the beasic facts, but you can find that info and more on his website.  You can also see some of his awesome work there, too.  None of that conveys just how cool his work is though.
His colorful creations jump out at you as you approach his booth.  Monsters, super heroes and pinup girls alternate on his promo wall.  My favorites are his Spookshow series, based on classic movie monsters and their lovely female co-stars.
His latest project has been the Bombshell series.  It is cool to see his take on these female comic characters.  I can't expect to see Aquaman in this series, but I can hope to see Lucia do something with Aquagirl.  More specificially, I'd like to see him do the old school Aquagirl.
You can learn more about this talented artist at  Also, be sure to like Ant Lucia on Facebook and follow Ant Lucia on Twitter.
Ant Lucia and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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