Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cubs Fan Scott in Las Vegas?

My latest trip to Las Vegas started with a suggestion from my nephew Matt.  His parents (especially Scott) quickly jumped on board and I followed.  Unfortunately, Matt ended up not being able to do the trip.  Still, Scott, Jean and I made the "difficult" decision to go anyway.
It was a great trip.  It's always fun getting away, especially with family.  Vegas is always a great backdrop for entertaining times.
It was also an odd trip, as the Cubs were in the playoffs and Scott was cheering for the men in blue.  Scott is a diehard lifelong White Sox fan, but even he could not resist this Cubs team which is so likeable.
I have to applaud him for his class in supporting the rival Cubs.  He jumped on the Cubs bandwagon midway through this magical season and he stayed on it.  He did not cheer against them, to preserve the White Sox as the last baseball champs in Chicago, like other Sox fans.
As much fun as it is to cheer on opposite sides, having the three of us cheering together was really cool.  On the night before the trip, at their place, we watched as the Cubs seeming broke out of their playoff slump to explode on the Los Angeles Dodgers.  In Vegas, we watched as they beat the Dodgers to advance to the World Series.
Of course, we also had lots of other fun in Vegas.  It's always fun with Jean and Scott and I appreciate tagging along.  Go Cubs!

Jean and Scott Parker and me in Las Vegas, NV-October 2016.


Jean Parker said...

It was a fun trip!
It has been fun watching the Cubs win ... and now it all comes down to tonight's game. The Cubs have worked hard to come back so let's hope they get this win tonight!!!

Nancy said...

Glad you all had a great trip!