Thursday, November 3, 2016

Johngy At The World Series

When I started this site several years ago, I had no real purpose.  I had hundreds of pictures with celebrities and I figured I would document some of the experiences.  Never did I dream Johngy's Beat would be my ticket to the World Series.
A short while after starting this site, I realized that with some effort, I could actually get better access to some celebrities.  I started out small and local and worked my way up.
I have covered local little league games, professional roller derby, professional wrestling, arena football and other similar events.  Then I started applying for press credentials at comic cons and celebrity conventions.  I have been credentialed at Motor City Comic Con, Wizard World, Days of the Dead, Flashback Weekend and C2E2.  I used all of that as references to get credentials with the Rockford IceHogs, Chicago Bliss, Chicago Bandits and many MLB teams.
Admittedly, I started with Global Traveler as my main writing outlet, but slowly to axctually getting credentials based on Johngy's Beat alone.  I figured I had to make it or not based on this site at some point.
The last two years I covered the NFL draft.  In 2017, I'll be covering Northwestern Women's softball and hopefully other sporting events at NU.
All this lead to the World Series.  I still cannot believe I was actually at a World Series because of Johngy's Beat.  It is incredible, implausible and other such adjectives.  It is also fantastic.
Who knows what caused this to happen.  Maybe I'll never get press credentials for the World Series again.  I'd be disappointed, but fine with that.
Johngy's Beat has been a lot of fun.  I'll be the first to admit, I have far outkicked my coverage with this.  As my friends have joked, this might be the greatest scam ever.
Although I didn't officially cover the Cubs, I am adding this to my resume.  The Cubs World Series title goes alongside 2 championships for the Chicago Bandits and 2 championships for the Chicago Bliss!
Me in Chicago, IL-October, 2016.


Jean Parker said...

Such an awesome experience to be at one of the World Series games when your favorite team in baseball is playing.
Congrats to the Cubbies .... World Series Champs!!

Nancy said...

Glad you got to be there with your Cubbies!!!!