Saturday, November 4, 2017

Josh Lyman at Wizard World Chicago 2017

While roaming the aisles of Artist Alley at Wizard World, Josh C. Lyman's work caught my attention.  I stopped to further inspect his creations and I love what I saw.
He does some interesting takes on subjects.  One (or two, if you count the updated revisit of the first) is BatJack, a sort of combination of Jack Skellington and Batman.  He's done other crossovers or mashups, such as Casper and Stewie in unlikely settings.
These pieces are so clever.  Most artists draw their subjects either as close to originals as possible or in their unique style.  Switching things by combining worlds is quite an unusual take and one that works so well for Josh.
Josh's website starts off with a simple quote.  "I draw stuff...and I post it here."  The rest of the site is filled with thumbnails of many of his creations, with short thoughts on them.  Be prepared to spend some time there, because there are a lot of beautiful creations in his gallery.
You can check out all of his work on  You can also follow The Art of Josh Lyman on Facebook and Josh C. Lyman on twitter.  
Josh Lyman and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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