Friday, December 22, 2017

Jenny McCarthy and Blondie's By Jenny

Jenny McCarthy had been on my list of celebrities I want to meet for a long time.  Technically, I met her at the NFL Draft in Chicago a couple years ago, but was unable to get a picture with her.  Recently, I had the opportunity to finally get that picture with her and it was well worth the wait.
Jenny has been out promoting Blondies By Jenny, a vodka lemonade drink.  I met her the first time at Binny's in Highland Park.  It was so much fun and Blondies was so good, I met her again the next week in North Riverside and the next week at Jewel in Saint Charles.
First, let me praise Blondies a bit.  Available in strawberry lemonade and lemonade flavors, Blondies has no artificial flavors, no dyes and no sugar added.  Both flavors were excellent, but the strawberry lemonade is my favorite and seemed to have a slight edge in the tasting at the stores.
Jenny was great at the tastings.  She cheerfully greeted everyone and made a real effort to make sure each encounter was as special as could be within the confines of the situation.  She also signed a lot of other stuff, as well as the bottles of Blondies.  By the third time, we were like old friends.  I wasn't the only repeat attendee and Jenny recognized us each time.
At the first event, I thanked Jenny for appearing in the literacy ad series (Jenny McCarthy Salutes Literacy) I ran while at Lerner Newspapers in the early 2000's.  She was one of the biggest names we had and her ad was the most popular one.  Of course, I had her sign a copy of that ad.
The last time, I mentioned that I liked putting Blondies in a blender with ice and strawberries to make a delicious frozen drink.  Jenny liked the idea and even mentioned it on twitter.
It's funny because after wanting to really meet her for so long, I saw her three straight weeks.  The Blondies tour is done in this area for the year, but there should be at least one more event here in early 2018.  You know if at all possible, I will be there.
In addition to picking up a great vodka, these events are a great opportunity to meet Jenny.  As a veteran of hundreds of comic cons and celebrity appearances, I can tell you that Jenny would be a hugely popular guest at any of them.  Her line would be among the longest and she could charge much more that the cost of Blondies.
Thank you to Jenny for a great drink, for a lot of fun and for being very sweet.  I hope to see her again in 2018.
Check out for more info.  You can also follow Blondies by Jenny on Facebook and Blondies by Jenny on twitter.
Jenny McCarthy and me in St. Charles, IL-December 2017.


Jean Parker said...

Very cool .... can't wait to try a Blondie!

Fuji said...

Vodka lemonades w/Jenny sound amazing.

Nancy said...

I will have to check Blondies out.