Monday, April 30, 2018

Friendly Encounters: Gilbert Gottfried, Jacques Baron and Haley Baron

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

Jacques and Haley Baron are two more friends I have met through The Resistance (formerly RPro). I have seen them in good times and bad times with the wrestling company and all that went with it and I am happy to say they are looking happier and stronger than ever.
I admire the couple for sticking with what they believe. With the departure of Billy Corgan from RPro,they faced a tremendous amount of adversity. They lost friends, money, wrestlers and more.
While many abandoned ship, many of us stayed with Team Baron. I never thought of leaving. Everything I had at RPro was because of Jacques and Gabe and their families. This was my time to return the loyalty and friendship they had shown me over the years and I do not regret staying.
Jacques is quite good at impressions, especially wrestling stars, although he can also do some random sitcom stars (ask him about his Good Times medley). He's got a great mind for wrestling and for fun (and for wrestling fun). Mostly though, he's just a great guy. I have had many great moments and memories with and because of Jacques and I will always appreciate him.
Through it all, Haley has been right there. She's a rock.She might even be feistier than Jacques. They make a great pair.
A few weeks ago, they had a "date night" at a Gilbert Gottfried show. I love the picture. It's dark and a bit mysterious, yet their faces are illuminated.
This Friday, May 4, you can see both at The Resistance: Chapter Two: Revelations. Since it is a Star Wars themed night, you never know how they will look. You might see Princess Haley and Jacques Solo. You'll have to come out to see for yourself.
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 Jacques Baron, Gilbert Gottfried and Haley Baron in Rosemont, IL-March 2018.

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