Monday, May 14, 2018

Breaking News: Bobby Fulton and the Fantastics on Kickstarter

Breaking News is a new series, which will run as needed. The concept is all in the name itself.

John Crowther has informed me that a Kickstarter campaign for Bobby Fulton and the Fantastics is starting today. This is the first in a three comic series. A wrestling historian and writer, John has previously published comic biographies of Lanny Poffo, the Killer Bees, Nikolai Volkoff and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The story of The Fantastics is scripted by John with art by Javier Lugo and colors by Blake Wilkie.
Fulton started wrestling in the late 1970's, training and working in several territories. In the early 1980's, he was joined by Tommy Rogers in Mid-South Wrestling. It was there that their famous feud with the Midnight Express started. That feud would continue in WCCW, NWA and elsewhere.
Fulton won several titles as a singles wrestler during his career, but he is more famous for his many tag team title runs, most notably with Rogers at The Fantastic. He is currently one half of the Heroes and Legends tag team champions (along with Tracy Smothers).
Of course, this comic series will tell much more of the story than I just did. John is very thorough, conducting in-person interviews with his subjects to produce an in-depth look at their life stories. Brilliant art work accompanies the text to produce a fascinating comic or in this case, a "fantastic" comic (you knew I'd have to work in that pun).
Seriously, I expect great things from this upcoming series. The earlier comics have been well-received by all. As I have previously written, the crew seems to have avoided the usual beginner mistakes. These comics are high quality, entertaining and informative.
I am especially excited about Fulton's comic. While he has been an accomplished wrestler for over 40 years, I do not know as much about him as I did with the other wrestlers listed above. I look forward to this three comic series giving me the real highlights of Fulton and the Fantastics.
Check out the Kickstarter page for Bobby Fulton and the Fantastics - 80's Wrestling Royalty!  There are various incentives for pledge levels. You can get exclusive covers, sketch cards,autographs and more. Most importantly, you'd be helping fund this project. The Kickstarted program runs for 22 days and it has already hit about 20% of the goal in just a few hours. This one is going to be hot. Jump on the campaign now. Be a part of the project!
You can get more info on the wrestler comics series at Squared Circle Comics and the Squared Circle Comics Facebook page. More wrestling biography comics are coming and you'll want to get the news as it develops.
John Crowther and Bobby Fulton in New Orleans, LA-April 2018.

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