Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Birthday, Matt

Today I feature my nephew Matt, who is celebrating his 30th birthday. I am sure he is whooping it up somewhere, but I will wish him a great day here.
Matt and I have had a lot of fun over the years. He was a big help in launching and improving Johngy's Beat. We did a lot of interviews together, including him single-handedly facilitating my interview with Lauren Holly (for which I am eternally grateful).
I have watched Matt become a family man. It's always fun to see his updated pictures with Erin and Delaney and their pooch Annie. They make quite a cute family.
Matt is a great nephew, friend and person. Oh sure, he is still as petty as can be when we are making silly Coke bets, but it's all fun (even when I lose).
I love the picture below. Such happiness. I wish him a happy birthday and a lifetime of happiness. I love you, Big Money. Enjoy your day!
Erin, Delaney and Matt Parker in Watervliet, MI-July 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Matt!!