Friday, January 18, 2019

Ashley Riot at C2E2 2017

Born in Canada, raised in the south and residing in Chicago, Ashley Riot writes and illustrates original comics. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley at C2E2 2017.
Ashley's portfolio includes everything from stunning solo illustrations to intricate multi-subject creations. Her work ranges from wildly imaginative to straight forward renderings. She obviously has a lot of talent, along with a lot of imagination. The end result is beautiful art. She does singular pieces, as well as sequentials. In addition to her original works from her mind, she also does commissions. 
Perhaps best of all, Ashley was very sweet and cool when I met her. Her artwork and her personality are equally wonderful!
Go to for all info and follow her @AshleyRiotArt on twitter for updates and other fun. You can also see Ashley's her work on ArtStation.
C2E2 2018 runs March 22-24 and you can go to for all of the info. All of the guest lineup has not been revealed yet, but I am hoping Asley will be there so I can see her latest creations.
Ashley Riot and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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