Thursday, January 17, 2019

Broadcasting With Gabe Baron at The Resistance

The Resistance ended 2018 with "Chapter IV: Silent Night, Deadly Night," another fantastic show. The Gym Nasty Boys won the tag titles, "The Southern Savior" John Skyler retained his title and several other solid matches made for a great night of wrestling. It was "all hardcore," as The Resistance had promised. Also all hardcore was the broadcasting. Usually, my "Or Else" podcast partner Tommy Else and I handle the broadcasting, but on the first night of the all hardcore direction, The Resistance co-owner Gabe Baron decided to get hardcore and join the broadcasting crew.
While I enjoy working with Tommy, calling the action alongside Gabe was a real treat. Gabe's friendship is one of the coolest things I have gotten from my association with The Resistance. Co-owner Jacques is clearly the more publicly vocal and probably more outrageous of the two, but I have seen Gabe's quick wit and biting humor. This was a chance for everyone to hear Gabe at his sharpest and he did not disappoint. I just tried not to step on his commentary.
I also tried to enjoy the experience. More than six years ago, when I first met Gabe, I never imagined this scene. I always wanted to broadcast one match, but now I have broadcast several shows. I have worked commentary with Tommy, Gabe and Zach Thompson, another of my favorites.
I know I have room to improve on my commentary and I will if I do more work with The Resistance. You can judge for yourself by watching The Resistance Chapter IV Silent Night, Deadly Night on YouTube.
The Resistance returns to Summit on February 9 and of course, it will be hardcore again. Chapter V will feature the original gangsta New Jack. Now that is hardcore. I can't wait!
Go to or LiveDieResist on Facebook for more info on The Resistance and "Chapter V". I hope to see you there.
Gabe Baron and me in Summit, IL-December 2018.

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