Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Emily Carosone and the 2019 Cleveland Comets

At the recent series between the Chicago Bandits and the Cleveland Comets, I caught up with former Bandits player Emily Carosone. This was Emily's first time back to Rosemont after she was traded to Cleveland in the last offseason.
Emily had an outstanding career at Auburn University. She joined the Bandits and helped the team to the 2016 Cowles Cup championship. A solid 2nd baseman, she was a fine hitter with some pop. She was consistent and soft-spoken, but was certainly a big part of the team's success over her three seasons here.
Emily was part of the controversial trade that saw Sammy Marshall go to the Comets. It's unfortunate that she was lost in the shuffle a bit because of all of the backlash on that trade.
Trades happen in sports. Good players and well-liked players leave teams. That's just part of the game. Because she was a local budding star, Sammy got most of the headlines in that trade. Taking nothing away from Sammy, losing Emily was a big loss, as well, not just to the team, but to the fans. Excellent players and great people are not easily replaced and Emily is both. I just hated to see her be somewhat forgotten in the aftermath of that trade.
Fortunately (and expected), Emily received a big ovation on her return to Rosemont. Bandit Nation loves their own and once a Bandit, always a Bandit. Emily might be wearing different colors and we might be rooting against her team, but we will always have a place in our hearts for Emily. We appreciate all she did on and off the field.
The Comets will return later this season. You can get scheduling and other info at, as well as recurring coverage here.
Emily Carosone and me in Rosemont, IL-June 2019.

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