Friday, April 10, 2020

Catching Up With Traci Lords

Today, I am going way back to feature actress Traci Lords. Back in the early 90s, Traci had reddish hair, while I sported a dark mullet.
Traci has had quite a career. She has overcome drug issues and other personal stuff to become a strong and successful woman. Through it all, Traci remained positive.
I first met Traci at a Hollywood Celebrities Show. Back then, these shows weren't nearly as common as they are now. I thought it might be the only time I would meet her. Little did I know I would meet her many times and actually become a "convention friend."
Over the years, Traci's hair has gone through a series of colors, but she always looks great. Meanwhile, my hair has gotten grayer and on my best day, I don't look great.
Over the years, I have also developed a nice rapport with Traci. It had a bit of a rough start though, when I asked for a picture of her choking me. (I just wanted something funny, but didn't properly explain that). She polite declined, but gave me agreed to put her hand over my face for the shot. Mission accomplished, despite my awkwardness. She now jokes with me about goofy pictures we can take.
Most recently, Traci starred in Women Behind Bars. In 2018, she released Come Alive, a new single and is reportedly working on an EP. This was a return to music for Traci, who released 1000 Fires in 1995.
Go to for more info on Traci. Also, follow her at @theTraciLords on twitter.
Traci Lords and me in Rosemont, IL-Late 1990's.

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