Saturday, April 11, 2020

On the Beat With John Bullard of Chicagoland Championship Wrestling

Late last year, I started seeing social media posts about a new wrestling company starting in the Chicago area. Honestly, at first, I wasn't really interested, because there are so many other companies. The more info that was released, the more I did become interested.
While many wrestling companies start with great promise (or at least promises), many fold just as quickly. Chicagoland Championship Wrestling was promoted as an in-studio wrestling show, like a throwback to the first wrestling I (and many more) watched on television. It promised to be "Chicago" and to be different.
The man behind Chicago Championship Wrestling is John Bullard. He is a veteran of the wrestling scene, filling many roles over his career.
I contacted John fairly early on and asked about interviewing him for Johngy's Beat and HeroTV. John graciously agreed.
While the current pandemic has delayed in-person interviews, I really wanted to get back "On the Beat" and John agreed to be my first guest. I asked John for a few minute interview, but once we got talking, I realized it was running over and I didn't care. I was having fun learning about John and CCW. I'll let John tell you more about CCW in our interview below.
I appreciate John for giving me his time and for his patience. We had a couple glitches while recording, but John weathered the storm with me and I am quite happy with the first attempt at a socially distant interview. I definitely plan on checking back with John in the future, including attending his show and interviewing him properly in person.
For more info on CCW, their talent and their shows, go to Also, follow CCW on Facebook and subscribe to the CCW YouTube channel.

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