Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Softball Dreams

The collegiate softball seasons were halted shortly before they were to begin home games at Northwestern and DePaul. Late last week, National Pro Fastpitch commissioner Cheri Kempf announced the cancellation of the 2020 NPF season. This effectively has eliminated a major part of my spring and summer recreation.
I looked at a few potential softball options for this year in Softball Dreams, my latest online article for Global Traveler. Hopefully, some of these potential options become reality.
These softball games are perfect for me. They are relaxing and fast-paced, finishing in about two hours. There is pre-game fun connecting with friends and post-game fun with the players and again with fans.
Between the various places, I have seen about 30 softball games every summer/fall. That's a lot of empty time, if softball doesn't return this year.
Perhaps the most likely option might be Fall Ball at Northwestern and DePaul. Every year, the school play a few weekend tournaments in September and October. The other teams are usually smaller colleges. While DePaul and NU are always favored, it does allow fans to get a preview of the next season team and also to see different schools and players. It's a great way to end the softball year. This year, it'll be a great way to restart and then end the softball year.
Check NUSports.com and DePaulBlueDemons.com for updates and news. Also, check back here for my coverage. If softball news is happening, I will be on it!
Danielle Williams and me in Evanston, IL-September 2019.

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